L A B E L S & O N L I N E S T O R E S - L I N K S :

LIFE'S DECAY BANDCAMP PAGE - All Life's Decay products, physical & digital (International)
- Life's Decay own label & online-store (France / International)
CD Baby - Mailorder page made by Life's Decay (United-States)
Electr-Ohm - An Electronic Music Label and Distribution from Kobe (Japan)
Poponaut - Ticket und Musikversand für elektronische Musik (Germany)
The End Records - Label & Mailorder (United-States)
Autumn Wind Productions - Label & distro (United-States)
Thonar Records - Label & mailorder (Germany)
Projekt darkwave - Dark music label & store (United-States)
SkullLine - Mailorder & label (Germany)
Collapsar Records - Dark music online store (China)
Alternative-s Production - Label alternatif (France)
Klangkurier - Dark music online store (Switzerland)
Intense Shop - E-Shop metal & goth(France)
Geri & Freki - Avant-garde tradition neofolk (France)
Neuropa Records - Label & Mailorder (Belgium)
OnLineOut - Online record shop (United-Kingdom)
Red Stream - All languages online store, dark music (United-States)
Masterpiece Distribution - E-shop & Distribuzione (Italy)
Cold Spring - Label & Mailorder (United-Kingdom)
Foreshadow - Label, Online Store & Magazine (Poland)
Dark Music Domain - Gothic & industrial store & distributor (United-States)
Latex Records - Label & Subculture Merchandise Distributor (United-States)
Stygian Crypt Productions - Russian label & mailorder (Russia)
Decadance Records - Electro, Wave & Industrial Label (Italy)
The Art Records - Label & store (Mexico)
Metal Command - Distro & distribution (France)
NOTHingness Records - label focused on releasing unknown underground music (Belgium)
Beast Of Prey - Ambient, industrial, neo-folk, neo-classic, noise, experimental label (Poland)
Cold Current Production - Producing and distributing underground music (Italy)
Epidemie Records - Publishing of minority music styles (Czech Republic)
Farbstoff Abstrakt Media Prod. - Dark and experimental muSICK (Germany)
Dawn Of Sadness - Extreme Music & Emotions (Italy)
Paragon Records - Label & distro (United-States)
SSSM - Label focused on experimental, noise & ambient (Japan)
SXDistribution - One of the world's biggest distributor for dark music (Germany)
Music Non Stop - The alternative music store (United Kingdom)
Blacksmith Productions - Label & distro (Russia)
Isolated Society - Dark & industrial ambient label (Spain)
Infrarot - Fresh music for rotten people (Germany)
Amazon.de - Germany biggest online CD store (Germany)
PsycheDoomelic Records - Doom metal store and label (Austria)
Aural Hypnox - Dark / ritual / surreal ambient label (Finland)
Century Media - Label & mailorder (United-States)
Regimental Records - Label specialised in Black Metal (United-States)
Total Rust Music - Label & Distribution. Mainly Doom Metal (Jerusalem)
Old Temple - Musical Publishing House Death, Black, Grind Metal Music (Polska)
December's Ghost Records - All doom and black metal label (United-States)
Adipocere - Metal E-shop (France)
Dysphorie - Disquaire Parisien de musique spécialisé (France)
Darkland Paris - Boutique gothique (France)
Ciel Rouge - Boutique imaginaire Art et culture fantastique sur Dijon (France)
Ecclipse Records - Distro interne de l'association Ecclipse (France)
War Cry Productions - Black metal distro (Netherland)
Tour De Garde - Pure Underground Plague (Canada)
Axess Code - Association de musiques electronique (France)
Ostra Records - A doom distro (France)
Flood The Earth Records - Dark ambient to Black metal Label (United-States)
Enclave Records - Sub-label from Sound Riot Records (Portugal)
Topheth Prophet - Noise , power electronics & dark ambient (Israel)
Paradise Noise Records - Label à vocation underground et alternative (France)
Monochrome Vision - Label devoted to electronic music (Russia)
Else Product - Strange, unusual and dark music (United-States)
Opn-Lvr - Label & webshop (France)
Deadsun Records - Metal label (France)
Urgence Disk Records - Musiques sombres (Suisse)
Griffin Music - Pagan heritage & black metal (Ukraine)
Backfire Productions - Metal label (Russia)
Misanthropic Propaganda - Label & distro (Republic of Belarus)
Theremin Noise Club - Avantgarde, ambient, noise & more (Austria)
Apocalyptic Radio - Industrial music label (Germany)
Ekleipsi - Independant dark music label (Italy)
Octopus Distribution - T-shirts et merchandising (France)
Shinto Records - Experimental gothic and industrial label (United-States)
Prikosnovenie - Un monde imaginaire, des musiques sensibles (France)